This is the portfolio of Patrik Hermansson. ⤵︎
Patrik is a curious guy who likes to use tech to tell stories. He has a degree in Political Science and Journalism. To call this “work” might not be entirely correct. Most of it is professional, some of it is personal, but the point is that he is very proud of it.
A spread in Expo.

The Magazine Expo

At Expo Patrik have both written and photographed for several features on a variety of issues and had the opportunity to travel to Istanbul, Oslo and around Sweden.
⇢ Expo is a print magazine but here are some of the articles he’s made this far: Armenians in Istanbul [Cover], Romani people Stockholm and Institutionalized Racism in the Norwegian parliament [Cover]

iPad Workbook & Website

Patrik recreated a classic print product and brand book into an iPad app for the Norwegian ski bag startup Douchebags. Allowing prospective distributors to not only get detailed information of the products but also make order requests right in the app and experience the bags features interactively.
⇢ For the website Patrik received an ISPO Communication Award in 2015.
Milena Chernyavskaya in Moscow.

The Activist

The Activist wants to tell stories of passionate people. People who put others before themselves, take risks and change things. A little bit at the time.
Not everything can be in the spotlight. Here are links to more work and (believe it or not) awards:
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