• Thingyan
  • Thingyan


On a happier note! Thingyan is a water festival held to celebrate the Buddhist new year (similar to Songkran in Thailand). I was told it lasted for four days but that wasn’t true. I counted to eight or nine days of having a bucket of water thrown in my face. It’s crazy. Whole families stand by the road (or railway tracks) and throw water at everyone and everything that passes. A very joyful celebration. Little children are completely ecstatic!

This family, like most, was standing outside their restaurant. I played with them and their somewhat intoxicated father for a couple of hours. It felt good to get some revenge after a week of constantly being a target for girls with buckets of ice water.


  1. Lovely spontaneity. I think I’ve heard of this festival.

  2. amazing shot!

  3. great shot!

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